George Kesten

Special Operator, 101 Squadron
Service number 1897268
Died 4 November 1944
Buried Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany
Age 19

Headstone Inscription

George was born on 2 March 1925 in Berlin, Germany to Polish born parents Mendel and Rifka and he had an older sister Bertel. In 1936, the laws in Germany meant as Jews Bertel and George could not attend the higher education schools that their parents wanted them to attend so they were sent to a boarding school in Switzerland. Although George returned home occasionally he was in Switzerland on the night 28 October 1938 when his father, who had a Polish passport, was picked up and deported to Poland. His mother was temporarily allowed to remain in Berlin and she arranged for George who was now thirteen to travel from Switzerland to England on the Kindertransport before she was also deported. Both of George’s parents were murdered in the Kraków Ghetto in 1942.

At the age of eighteen George enlisted in London on 30 August 1943. After thirteen months of training he was posted to 101 Squadron at Ludford Magna. Whilst on leave on 17 July 1944, he was photographed by the Evening Standard newspaper helping a young boy in the Blitz.

On 4 November 1944, Lancaster ME865 departed from Ludford Magna at 17.38 on ABC duties. The cause of the aircraft’s crash is unknown and the crew are buried at Rheinberg War Cemetery.

A/G, Walter Joseph Commins, RCAF, J/95215
F/E, Douglas Frederick Gordon Day, 1896250
A/G, Joseph Lloyd Gallant, RCAF, J/95287
W/Op, Albert Norman Gould, RCAF, J/95288
Nav, Walter Franklin Moran, RCAF, J/38717
A/B, John Harvey Quirt, RCAF, J/21394
Pilot, Gordon Thomas Weiss, RCAF, J/35610