Hyman Freeman

Sergeant, 148 Squadron
Service number 1377989
Died 10 Dec 1941
Commemorated on Alamein Memorial, Egypt
Age unknown

Hyman’s age and family details are unknown. An obituary in the Jewish Chronicle of 1942 states that his mother is Mrs Friedman of Johannesburg and his brother Mr A Freeman lives at 210 Evelyn Court, Amhurst Road, E8.

AIR 81/10873 states: Sergeant H Freeman, Flying Officer D L Skinner, Sergeant N Maddox, Sergeant J Marsland, Sergeant C E Newman, Sergeant R M D McLeod: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Derna, Libya, Wellington Z8333, 148 Squadron, 10 December 1941.

Uncorroborated reports state: ‘The aircraft was found in a salt marsh and the bodies were buried nearby on the sea shore nr Derna Rd in the Western Desert Libya.’