Mark Solomon Pinette

Ordinary Seaman, S.S. Har Zion
Died 31 Aug 1940
Commemorated at Tower Hill Memorial
Age 17

Mark was born on 11 December 1922 in Königsberg, Germany to Paul, who was a doctor, and Charlotte nee Arnemann and he had a younger sister Margott. The family immigrated to Israel and were granted citizenship in 1939. On the 21 July 1939 his father Paul wrote that his son Mark, who was 16, was a cadet on the Har Zion.

The Har Zion left Liverpool at 06.15 hours on 31 August 1940, with 1000 cases of spirit and 120 tons of fertiliser to travel to the USA. The ship was attacked by U-boat, U-38 which fired two torpedoes amidships and ship sank north west of Ireland. The master and thirty five crew were killed.