Ernst Ludwig Landesberg (served as Ernest Kingsley Russell)

Leading Writer, H.M.S. Quorn
Service number: C/MX 677683
Died 3 Aug 1944
Commemorated on Chatham Naval Memorial
Age 25

Ernst’s Navy records state that he was born on 6 May 1919 in Hamelin, Germany. Little else is known about his life. Please contact us if you can help.

On the night of Thursday 3rd August 1944, HMS Quorn was positioned close to Le Havre, in order
to bombard German E-boats gathered in the harbour. They were accompanied by an American
ship, which was there to protect them, but even so they suffered a direct hit from a human (manned)
guided torpedo, as part of a heavy attack on the British ships. Many men were killed immediately,
but those that survived the initial attack spent up to eight hours in the water before being rescued,
and many more perished. A tragic 139 of the crew of 146 were lost.