Ralph Isaacs

Pilot, 207 Squadron
Service number 656562
Died 2 March 1943
Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial
Age 23

Ralph was born on 7 Jan 1920 in Hackney, London to Daniel and Kitty nee Harris. Can you help? No further information can be found on Ralph. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission advised that a letter was sent after the war to Windsor, Berkshire but there was no response.

Ralph was the pilot of Lancaster ED533 which departed RAF Langar on a night operation to lay mines in Deodar, on the mouth of the Gironde River, France, near Bordeaux. The aircraft failed to return. No distress signals were heard, and from other aircraft which took part in the raid, visibility over the target was normal with slight haze. There were practically no defences and the anti-aircraft fire was very light. Sergeant Richard Brown was later washed ashore at Biarritz on the south west coast of France about 160 kms south west of Bordeaux, and it was concluded that the other six crew members had been lost at sea.

Nav, George Alexander Bisset, 127013.
F/E, Richard Brown, 944643.
A/G, Frank Bryce Hawkins, RAAF 407287.
Pilot, Sergeant Ralph Isaacs.
A/B, Kenneth George Peters, 1287050.
W/Op A/G, William Oliver Shelley, 1378962.
A/G, John Walter Webster, 1320839.