Calman Bentley

Flight Sergeant, 37 Squadron
Service number 1069523
Died 10 Dec 1942
Commemorated on Alamein Memorial, Egypt
Age 29

Calman was born on 27 July 1913 in Hull, Yorkshire to Polish born parents Maurice, known as Joseph, and Jenny nee Sugar. Calman had two older siblings, Etty and Israel. The family are buried in Delhi Street Jewish cemetery in Hull and Calman is commemorated on his parent’s grave. After school Calman worked as an electrical salesman and he married Muriel Ellis in April 1940 in Manchester just after he enlisted.

Calman was on board Halifax W1002 which departed from Cairo West, LG 442, on a ferry flight to Malta. The 138 Squadron Czech crew were transferring tour expired bomber crew but never arrived at its destination. It is thought the aircraft was shot down by German fighters based in Crete. All crew and passengers are commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.

F/O Leo Anderle, 101525
F/Lt Victor Krcha, 87622
P/O Miroslv Rozprym, 138677
P/O Frantisek Vanicek, 136560
F/Sgt J Tesar, 138676
W/O Vaclav Panek, 787173
F/Sgt Bohuml Hajek, 787484

P/O William Thomas Charles Chambers, 138311, 70 Sqn
W/O 2 John Rosebery Milligan, RCAF, R76713, 70 Sqn
F/Sgt Calman Bentley, 37 Sqn
F/Sgt Emlyn Barclay Davies, 1013751, 40 Sqn
Cpl Roy Edward Chandler, 1199671, 40 Sqn
AC1 Harold Henry Hutchinson, 1499347, 138 Sqn
F/Sgt George Geoffrey Organ, RNZAF, 41524, 108 Sqn
Sgt John Alexander Tovey, RNZAF, 411474, 40 Sqn 

1939 Register