Asrielis Blumbergas

Navigator, 75 OTU
Service number 774962
Died 16 Mar 1945
Buried Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Age 24

Asrielis, also known as Azriel Blumberg, is listed as a Palestinian local enlistment. He was born on 4 August 1921 in Lithuania. His father died when he was young and he emigrated to Israel with his mother in 1934. His uncle sent him to the youth village in Ben Shemen where he studied for four years learning agriculture. After school he worked for a farmer in Ben Shemen, and from there he went to learn further agriculture methods in Ramat David. He volunteered to serve in the RAF in 1940.

He was the navigator in aircraft Baltimore V – FW754. The aircraft dove into the ground near Kasfareet, Egypt after both engines failed.

All four crew were killed:

Pilot, Hartley Derek Roper, 46734.
Air Gunner, James Lawson, 1823777.
Flying Officer Angus Edwin Brechin, RAAF, 427586.

An article in the Jewish Chronicle states: ‘He was a navigator of a bomber in the M.E.F. The sergeant, who was one of the first Palestinian youths to become a flyer, was bought to Palestine by the Youth Aliyah and underwent Hachshara at Ramat David. He joined up in mid 1940 and had seen much service in many countries’.

Courtesy Izkor.
Photo provided by The War Graves Photographic Project ©2021
Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Photo provided by The War Graves Photographic Project ©2021