Norman Apfelbaum

Private, Pioneer Corps, Auxiliary Military
Service no: 13045091
Died 7 Aug 1940
Buried Carnmoney Jewish Cemetery, United Kingdom
Age 27

Norman was born on 24 February 1913 in Salford, Lancashire to Polish father Isidor and English born mother Jane nee Kenner and he was the youngest of six children. Isidor imported chairs, pianos and in later life became a diamond merchant. In 1939, Norman worked as a shipping clerk and was also a volunteer ambulance driver. He enlisted early in the war, and he was sent to guard enemy aliens who had been interned on the Isle of Man. In the summer of 1940, it was decided to send groups of these internees to Canada and Norman was selected to guard them on board ship. On 30th June 1940, 479 German internees, 734 Italian internees and 86 German prisoners-of -war, were taken on board the S.S. Arandora Star under a military guard of 200 men including Norman.

At 06:15 hours on 2nd July 1940, 15 miles West of Bloody Foreland in County Donegal, Ireland the liner was struck by a torpedo killing 805 people. Norman’s body washed ashore several weeks later.

S.S. Arandora Star in 1940
Jewish Chronicle