Morris Kaminsky

Corporal, B.S.R.U.
Service number 1538598
Died 7 Nov 1944
Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial
Age 25

Morris was born in 1919 in Prestwich, Lancashire to Charles (Max) and Dora nee Pizan. Further information will be available soon.

Morris was killed on board LST-420 which was an American tank landing ship that was transferred to the Royal Navy during WW2. She was lost on 7 Nov 1944, after hitting a mine in heavy seas off Ostend, Belgium, sinking with great loss of life including RAF passengers. The plan was for the “No. 1 Base Signals and Radar Unit” (B.S.R.U.), which had completed eighteen months training at “Signals Battle Training School”, to land in France once the Normandy bridgehead was sufficiently stable and movement orders were given and the 303 men in the unit began boarding including 19 officers and 250 enlisted personnel of No. 1 BSRU with their 50 vehicles, equipment and supplies.  At approximately 15:00, within sight of Ostend the bow section of LST-420 struck a powerful German mine which tore a large hole in the ship’s hull causing it to break into two parts. The ship’s galley fires were lit at the time due to the evening meal being prepared and gallons of petrol from the damaged fuel tanks of the vehicles caught fire enveloping the stern section of the ship in flame. The boat sank very rapidly and due to the heavy seas only larger vessels were able to attempt to rescue survivors in the water. Of the ill-fated “BSRU” only 31 or 32 men were saved from life rafts.
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Also killed on board LST-420 were Alec Weinberg and Jack Berliner who both have a page on the website.