Kalman Abramovitch

Ordinary Seaman, S.S. Har Zion (Famagusta)
Died 31 Aug 1940
Commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial
Age 21

Kalman was born in Russia in 1919 and immigrated to Tel Aviv, Israel when he was two years old. After school he joined Palestine Maritime Lloyd Ltd and worked as a sailor on the ‘Har Zion’ ship. The ship sailed between Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and the Black Sea.

On the out break of war the ship joined the British war effort. At 06.15 hours on 31 August 1940 the ship left Liverpool with 1000 cases of spirit and 120 tons of fertiliser to travel to the USA. The Har Zion was attacked by U-boat, U-38 which fired two torpedoes amidships and ship sank north west of Ireland. The master and thirty five crew were killed. The only survivor Osman Adem was rescued the next day.

Izkor – Private Kalman Avramovitch 

Courtesy www.izkor.gov.il